Aviation International Limited



Aviation International Limited has the expertise, infrastructure and financial support to provide you with the full range of cargo services. We are well equipped to provide following services tailor made to your specific requirements. Your selection of our available cargo services will assist in increasing potential revenue, reducing costs and continuing to raise your profile in Bangladesh.


Sales Marketing
Experienced and Motivated Sales Teams Covering all aspects
Innovative sales strategies
Continually raise awareness of the airline in the market
Weekly and Monthly Reporting
Expert Knowledge of the Local Markets
Close Liaison with key trade publications via press releases and advertising

Operations and Customer Service
Efficient and experienced cargo operations staff
Liaise with transit/ destination station
Update the customer with delivery details



We provide efficient , reliable and affordable logistics solution.We are committed to provide superior Customer Satisfaction beyond the average level of expectation.Close liaison with handling concern to ensure high quality service.Provide cost-effective solutions.Monitor handling to maximize revenue.Import and export handling administration

Finance & Administration
Distribution and Control of Revenue Documents Preparation / Conciliation of CSR Collection of Payments and Reconciliation of Accounts Collection of Payments Remittance of Funds to Airlines